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Reality of Perception

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When was the last time you traveled to a distant place? How did you travel?

Every journey is unique in its own way. Sometimes it becomes very special depending upon how we travel.

One day I was traveling on a train from the coast of the Arabian Sea to the coast Bay of Bengal i.e. from Mangalore to Chennai. I am not used to traveling by train but my friends always say it’s more fun because we meet different people. So I thought let me try it and experience it. Little did I know how true it was and unique this experience would be?

On a sunny afternoon holding my blue baggage, I boarded a train. I was seated near the window seat. The train master waved the green flag. The train hooted and my journey began.

Listening to “Dance Monkey” through my new skull candy red earphones. As I was seeing through the window it was like switching channels on television, I could see different types of people doing different things. Some playing, some were fighting on the terrace, some were washing vehicles, some were washing buffaloes, and some were waiting in their vehicles frustrated. I also saw a funeral procession. I usually don’t like attending funerals, It’s difficult for me to see people in pain.

I recollected the funeral which I went to a long time ago, that person died because of high diabetes.

After the burial, they usually give snacks and juice.

It’s ironic that in restaurants people get fresh lime water to wash hands but we drink artificial bottled lime juice with a fancy branding to it and guess what????

It’s filled with sugar, and people happily drink it after the funeral. They just bid adieu to a person who lost his life because of excessive sugar yet Knowing the reality they choose to take more sugar into their body, thinking nothing will happen to them.

 People respond to their own perception, not the reality

I moved away from the window, stopped the music, and started reading the book Inner Engineering by Sadhguru. At one of the stations, a lady boarded the train she was in her mid 50’s, she sat next to me, and she was reading a book written in Tamil. Then another passenger boarded the train he was in his late 20s. He was sitting in his seat number 34 opposite that lady.

After a while one of the fans stopped working, It was getting hot and he tried to check what was wrong but couldn’t fix the problem.

 I tried the most innovative, unique, and creative thing which no one thinks about.

I switched OFF and ON the switch

3 times and guess what???

It didn’t work. I just hope no one noticed.

He was grumbling and mumbling, started to call the Railway service number and complain about the condition of the fan, the windows not clean, and no water supply. It was getting irritating to see him find mistakes in every small thing. This lady gave him a pen, she didn’t know English so she just made a gesture and said just turn the blades of the fan it will work.

 “I am an engineer this won’t work, you don’t know the working behind it “, he said with arrogance

But still, she insisted, he took the pen passed it through the grills of the fan and just gave a tap to the blades, and guess what she was right, the fan was working again. It was not just a tap on the blades of the fan it was also a knock on his head for his arrogance. He felt ashamed of his behavior, his ego was hurt, and he sat quietly.

Sometimes when we dive too much into logic we choose to see what we want to see we restrict ourselves when we think we know better than the other.

We get blinded by what we believe in and don’t consider other possibilities. 

 Have you observed similar things happen in your life??

Most of the time we are in a situation where we choose to see what we want to see.

Sometimes what you see is not important, how you see it is important.

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