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Time Mismanagement: Unlocking the Secrets to Effective Time Management

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Discovering Time Mismanagement

“Time Management is Life Management”

In this resource, you will discover 

1)How to overcome time mismanagement 

2)Top common reasons for time mismanagement

3)How to use technology to manage your time

Most of us are always racing against time and we find ourselves overwhelmed. Yet there are some of our colleagues or friends who seem to be doing nothing much yet they manage to get a lot of things done. We always wonder, How can they manage to do it. Well, today you will find practical implementable solutions to your question.

Do not try multiple strategies at once. For beginners just follow these steps consistently for 21 days. These steps are tried and tested by many industry leaders and it works if you work on it. 

1) Be kind to yourself 

Take a deep breath and calm yourself. You may have missed many deadlines, you may have lost credibility or you may have lost your job, whatever situation you are in, you are in the right place in your life. Overcoming time mismanagement is a journey and it’s natural to encounter setbacks. So keep calm, don’t beat yourself down. Give yourself 6 months.

2) Say “NO”

Prioritizing/Focusing is not about saying “YES” it’s about saying “BIG NO”

To handle time mismanagement it is important for you to observe what’s eating away your daily productivity.  Unnecessary meetings, social media, or anything which doesn’t add any value? Get comfortable in saying “NO”. 

3)Time Block Strategy

The time block strategy is a unique strategy to avoid time mismanagement. In Time blocking you divide your day into bite-size time. 


Download and Print this sheet. Use it as a template for time blocking.

Use Google calender it’s a free and effective tool.

Make use of Alexa/ Google assistant / Siri . Set reminders to attend meeting, follow your skin care routine or take a break. You don’t have to remember your routine , use these tools , it’s pretty handy.

4) Two-minute rule

If an important task takes less than 2 Minutes, then do it immediately.

You have to call back to your friend , colleague , distant relative or someone whom you have been avoiding, CALL THEM if it takes less than 2 minutes.

Any task which takes less than 2 mins , just do it. I know it’s repeating the same thing , it’s important to imprint this in your mind. Repetition is a powerful tool to imprint.

5) Beat procrastination with 5 seconds decision rule

This rule is very simple yet it’s highly effective. 5 seconds rule from Mel Robbins states that if you are procrastinating start counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and just move away from what you are doing and do the task. Move from Idea to Action. This little subconscious trick has done wonders for many executives of multinational companies.

Scenario 1: You are lying on a couch. Your next task is to start working on a new book which you always dreamt about. The moment this thought appears your mind will tell “Hey, let’s stay here on the couch and plan about it and after a while we will start writing.”

After this we all know what happens. According to the Harvard research 90% of the time a person won’t do that task.
Mell Robbins discovered this 5 seconds rule when she was going through a rough patch in her life.

This rule is simple , yet very effective.
All you got to do is whenever you have to do an important task, countdown from 5 to 1 and immediately start doing that task. What it does is, it doesn’t allow other thoughts which are non productive to pop up in your mind.

6)Take Breaks

Give yourself a break. Never ever make yourself feel guilty for taking breaks nor let others make you feel guilty.

7)Manage distractions

Say “NO, NO, and a BIG NO” to distractions. 

Do one task at a time, don’t multitask.

Turn OFF notifications of unnecessary social media. It’s okay if you miss a “New like alert”

8) Not delegating task

If a task can be delegated , please delegate it. You don’t have to do everything. It’s true that some tasks others may not be able to do exactly how you would do it or they may not be passionate about it , like how you are. But, you need to let go of some tasks and trust others to do it. If they manage to do at least 70% of how you want to do it, it’s a win- win situation for you. Do not micro manage.


Place your hand on your heart and say “I will be kind to myself”
Place your index finger on your forehead and say “I am a confident and powerful leader.”

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