RoadTRIP which TRIPPed me to reality

RoadTRIP which TRIPPed me to reality

 Under the moonlight on the banks of the secluded beach, I and my 2 close friends met after 7 long years. But, it was like we had met yesterday nothing has changed between us. The spirals of smoke were rising above the campfire and the fire reflecting in their eyes. The cool breeze from the ocean was hushing around us just like someone is whispering in our ears, the waves were kissing my feet and moving away. The breeze and the Breezer were giving us chills, the fire was compensating it.


I laid down on the mattress of the seashore and was gazing at the stars. My friend asked with curiosity lets go for a road trip to Gokarna.

I immediately asked will it be fun like “Dil chahta he”???

He said “well you never know”

I was excited because I heard stories about the OM beach and on the way to Gokarna there is an exemplary driveway between Kolluru river on one side and Maravante beach on another side which I wanted to see, after that there is one famous tapri where they serve flavoured tea.


The destination was fixed now the only problem is, we don’t have a car.

 Next day my friend managed to get his uncle’s brand new car with glossy red finish, brand new mag wheels, imported speakers with thumping bass. It was TATA Nano we called it Bumblebee.

Well, I was expecting a vintage car but yea bumblebee is good enough. My heart was pounding with excitement just like the waves of the ocean hitting the rocks.

Have you noticed on every road trip there is one friend who always love to drive and only drives throughout the trip.

Then another friend who is always hooked to the AUX cable doesn’t play the complete song, always concerned about which song to play next and always sits next to the driver as if it’s his birthright.

Third-person the annoying one who sits behind and always suggests how to drive, change the music and key responsibility to distribute necessary things for survival like chips and water. And always complain about AC is not cold enough. Well!!!! I was the second person who always gets hooked to AUX cable. The trip was ON, music was intense and soul filled with excitement but I didn’t know that something unexpected was waiting for me.


As we were spearheading through the road, at one-point construction work was going on. The road was steep and narrow, bumblebee was taking time to climb. It was just like a snail climbing a hill. Suddenly the beast Mercedes E class was throttling its way towards us. We were pretty sure he will bang us…my friend in back seat shouted “BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!!!! but when he was just 5 meters away it just slowed down, smooth like butter, back then little did we know these amazing cars were expensive for a reason. He was honking at us as our bumblebee struggled to take that steep but we couldn’t do anything about it. Finally, after the steep he overtook us and I saw him in his classy E class, his elegant shades and wireless air pods, I was wondering how cool would it be to drive in that car cruising around, and I said to myself someday I will own it, we tried to catch up with him just to get a glimpse of that car again but bumblebee couldn’t. Then we realised we reached the famous tapri where we get flavoured tea

We stopped for the most necessary every Indians favourite break

As I opened the door I could see Mercedes E class, It was magnificent. We ordered special rose tea. My friend bought a cigarette and he didn’t have a lighter. I asked a person standing next to us “ Excuse me, do you have a lighter “

He turns around, it was that person with elegant shades. He said: “sure take this”.

 His lighter was just fancy as it could be..normally we see lighter with a yellow or blue flame but his lighter was of green flame. When I returned the lighter he asked: “where are you guys going??” I said Gokarna. He said even he is going there

I asked spontaneously “Alone”???

There was an awkward silence just like they say fairy of silence passed by. He said “yea he has some work over there” and continued to say “when I see you guys I remember my college days, even though we didn’t a fancy car it was more fun. I miss those days, I wish I could have it” and he left in his E class and disappeared like smoke. After he left I wondered, a few minutes ago I thought it would be so fancy to have an expensive car, but friendships and relationships are more expensive than that. Sometimes it’s better to be in this moment and stop chasing things. Just like how he was right behind us and after overtaking we tried to chase him just for a glimpse of his car, we missed the most beautiful part of our road trip the river and ocean on either side of the road.

 Isn’t it true that sometimes we get caught up with our goal that at the end of the day we forget to enjoy the journey???

We feel after we achieve it we will meet new friends, We will do what We loved but at the end of the day when we reach we realise we missed a lot of important things. This road trip had a very positive impact on me and at the end when we reached Gokarna, my thought process was just confirmed. The destination is important but we shouldn’t forget to enjoy the process, which I feel most of them miss.

I remembered Ratan TATAs words

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together

We wish to wear high brands, but feel most comfortable in pyjamas…

We wish to sit in Taj and Marriot with elite people, but we enjoy roadside vendor food with friends the most…

We wish to own big cars and go on the long drive yet we talk our heart out only while walking down a long road…

We have 64GB gadgets filled with songs but sometimes a song on the radio brings smile…

Life is simple….. We make it complex by running after what never gives true joy…


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