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Sins of Public Speaking: 19 Public Speaking Mistakes to put your audience into a state of coma

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Be kind to your audience and sin no more. Avoid these Public speaking mistakes

1) Not preparing for the speech

As a speaker, you should always respect your audience’s time.  Don’t be overconfident, please do yourself a favor and thank us later.  Don’t go on stage underprepared.

2) Ending speech or presentation with Q N A

 After the Q and A, tell a story that ties in with your main theme,  summarize with key points, and Conclude with a quote or call to action.

3) Not aware of the type of audience

Before you step on stage, study the audience. You can’t go to a stand-up event and give a talk on astrophysics. The audience will remember you for a very long time , but , not for a good reason.

4) Speech is not audience-centric

Always make sure your audience should gain something from your speech. There are some speakers who boast about their achievements without leaving a message to the audience. Don’t be that speaker. Speech is always about what your audience gains.

5) No eye contact

We understand public speaking can be overwhelming. And the fear is real. Remember you are giving a speech to your audience and not to the floating spirits, which you can see only when you are on stage.

Pro Tip: If you are nervous looking into someone’s eyes while speaking on stage, shift your focus to their forehead. It’s a win-win situation.

6) Low energy

Your energy radiates through the venue in which you are giving a speech. So always make sure you are high on energy and not sail your audience into dreamland.

7) Distractions

Avoid distractions while you are speaking. 

Example: Cell phone not in silent mode

8) Not rehearsing

Practice your speech before delivering. It will help you to find flaws and work on body language.

9) Reading from slides

10) Making an excuse or apology

11) Overshooting time or going on for too long

12) Not being loud enough or audible.

13) Using filler words – Um- ing and Ah – ing

14) Stiff body language

Don’t be a zombie on stage. Keep your body relaxed.

15) Hiding behind lectern

You are speaking to humans, so don’t be scared of them.

16) Hold the mike as if you are strangling it

If you don’t like someone in your audience strangle them but don’t strangle the mike.

17) Reading, not delivering your speech or memorizing a script

Please don’t recite your speech like a kindergarten poem.

18) Not being authentic

 Attempting to imitate other speakers or not being yourself. Authenticity is lost when you aren’t yourself. Be bold , you can do it.

19) Dry throat

Well, this sin will be forgiven. It’s always advised to carry a bottle of water with you as a backup. Things can really go “HOT” on the stage. Sometimes audience don’t want to listen to someone with a rough voice.


Place your hand on your heart and say “I will be kind to my audience and sin no more”
Place your index finger on your forehead and say “I am a confident and powerful speaker.”

SHARE this post with your professional network to stand out! They'll appreciate the insights. Click icons

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