Why Leadership is important? Can I be a leader?

Why Leadership is important? Can I be a leader?

Is Leadership important? Am I a Leader? Can I be a Leader? These are the questions that we usually ponder upon. Even I used to think the same. Leadership? What is a Leader? Like everyone even I googled it and all I got was a textbook answer which I can’t apply nor rely on. And after I began my leadership journey and after interviewing leaders in their respective fields, I realised there is no specific answer for this question BUT great leaders have specific traits. And guess what? If you are wondering can you be a leader, the answer is “NO” you can’t just be a leader you can be a “GREAT LEADER”. And trust me you don’t need to have a “title” to be a Leader and Great Leaders will have specific traits.

Ofcource Leadership is important because it brings the best out of others, you will inspire others to do well, achieve more and dream more. Isn’t it what you want? And leadership is never about you it’s about others and it’s your responsibility to be a Leader because the world needs great leaders.

Traits of a Leader

1) Responsibility

I know you might have heard it a million times by now but this is the core of a Leader. A Leader never blames anyone else. If the team fails a Leader takes all the blame rather than shifting the blame on other team members. Below is one of my favourite examples for taking responsibility as a Leader

2) Empathy and perspective

Leaders always make sure they understand very well and have a better perspective. Watch this video below

3) Leaders can make magic happen

A leader can achieve goals that others think it’s impossible. Leaders will have a clear vision. A classic example is Steve Jobs, one of the entrepreneurs whom I adore and perhaps even you too. If you have watched the apple product launches when he was there, it was something exciting. We knew his vision was to truly create something wonderful. He made sure Apple as a company created something extraordinary. ANd the core of this is “SELF BELIEF” You need to be BELIEVE in yourself trust me, magic happens.

Do you really think great achievers never doubted themself? When a thing doesn’t work they would have self-doubt for a couple of minutes that’s how our mind is designed but they follow their gut feeling or instincts and work towards it. And at the end they make magic happen. You don’t need a magic wand all you need is to believe in MAGIC – Make A Great Impactful Communication with yourself.

These are basic traits of a Leader. I really hope this blog has added value to you.

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