What is Public speaking? Can anyone be a public speaker?

What is Public speaking? Can anyone be a public speaker?

Public speaking is an art of conveying a message, story, information, entertain or educate in front of an audience effectively, efficiently, and eloquently.

When I heard the word “Public Speaking” for the first time, the first thing that flashed to my mind was a speaker, a stage, and a huge audience. As I started my journey in public speaking I realised It’s partially true. It is not only about standing on a stage with the hall jam-packed with audience.

 If you are speaking with a few people in your office, meeting rooms, classroom, home, functions, or any other place is also considered public speaking.

I have cautiously used the word “art” because public speaking is a skill.

Do you remember the first time you played a sport?

Were you perfect at it the first time?

The answer will be “No” for sure. 

 But the real question is, Did you quit after the first attempt?

So don’t quit public speaking if you have failed at it the first time.

Just like any sport, it  has its own set of techniques. 

 If you are wondering if you can be good at it, I have good news for you.

“Yes, You can develop your public speaking skills.”

 The more you practice, the better you become. In this process, you will discover a speaker in you.

Public speaking quotes

What are types of public speaking?

  • Speaking to Persuade

  • Speaking to Entertain

  • Speaking to Actuate

  • Informative speakers

  • Ceremonial speakers

  • Demonstrative speakers


 Now Let us work on the techniques of it and how you can apply them. All these techniques, I have mentioned below. The techniques I provide are tried and tested. There are thousands of techniques. I am not going to overwhelm you with it. I have handpicked a few techniques, which you can adapt, apply and see the magic happening around you.


Step by Step guide 

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