Virus, why us

Virus, why us

In this world of text messages and emails, we can send unlimited messages, yet written letter from someone will be very special and dear to us.

When was the last time you received a letter???

I am pretty sure someone very special had written it to you and you might have it preserved in your treasure box, which makes you smile or cry while reading it. 

I too received a letter from someone very special and close to my heart. But, this letter had an unusual request. I wish I could reveal who wrote it but I will reveal this at the end. But, before that, I will tell you about the unusual request. She insisted to write about this very important topic, even though many people know about it if there is one person who is not aware of it can help them save lives.

 The topic is about the virus, what exactly it is? What does it do? How it affects lives around?

From millions of years, our planet has seen different types of ages and its effects. For example, how asteroids killed millions of dinosaurs, ice age wiped off thousands of species to extinction and now is the age of viruses.

What is a virus?? A virus is something, which gets into a system, destroys it and kills it.

When virus attack, it is lethal on the weaker body’s and kills it. When a virus attacks everything is effected, the resources, the freedom of movement and instils fear and panic. So, to avoid this we need a vaccine.

What does the vaccine do?

This is very important, In some cases, it makes the virus less lethal, it won’t be atrocious like before. But vaccines take time, it can’t happen overnight but We can work towards it.

I am talking about the most dangerous virus which has destroyed millions of things perhaps trillions on our planet.

We all know this virus, which we are familiar with!!!!!

Human Beings!!!!!!!

Humans are viruses???

Few of them might be wondering, Roel has lost it.

Well!!! Let’s dig deeper into this. It’s all perception on how we see things, When we see a stone, for some people it’s just a stone, for some, it’s an obstacle, for tiny creatures, it’s a house. For us, the corona is the virus because it’s lethal and kills the weaker human first. But for some strange reason we humans think everything in nature is only for us, we also think GOD is also only for us and GOD should listen to us.

For nature, human is the virus, which kills and destroys the weak.

How many of you have killed an ant or any insect???

When I ask this question, most of them say YES.

 When I ask why???

Some say it’s by mistake, they were creepy, they were in my house or encountered them while walking by. So I ask them, when you are walking and you see a lion, will you kill it??

What type of question is it Roel, obviously lion is stronger, we should run. It’s a sensible thing to do.

Corona is also smart, they knew to attack the weaker ones first because they learnt it from us. When we see an ant or any inferior creature which doesn’t harm us, is killing them only option we have ?? or can we have an alternative so both can coexist??

While passing by a jungle, we see hoards saying “Be careful animals crossing by”, but in reality, we are passing by their homes. 

We the viruses felt so uncomfortable for being contained in our own house, like hostages for more than 30 days. Just imagine mother earth has been in quarantine for more than 200 years and all the animals are not safe in their own home. We enter into their home and kill them. Did you notice one more thing, during this quarantine period even though our main doors were open we were not scared of being robbed by someone, generally viruses don’t harm the same species but I guess we humans are the most dangerous virus.

Now I feel it’s the right time to reveal who wrote the letter, it was not an ordinary letter which humans write. It was a special letter delivered by mother earth while I was sitting in the balcony, A leaf half burnt and half-alive, a calling for a vaccine where we humans have to be more conscious, less lethal and make this world a better place for everyone. When she says everyone, she includes entire nature not only humans. We should consciously attempt to minimize the damage by using reusable and biodegradable items, conserve water, stop overusing resources and protect nature. The problem is not a shortage of resources around us, the problem is we have overpopulated this planet and we are greedy. For greed, all nature is too little.

 I am ready to be the vaccine, where I can be less lethal and co-exist with nature.

Are you ready to be a vaccine???

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