Truth in the graveyard of Myth

Truth in the graveyard of Myth

Are you curious to know the secret mystery behind this creation, what are we, why are we here???

People speak about the unknown, we heard the stories of the spirits, the mysteries behind it. Some of them have also experienced a mysterious presence but yet it’s difficult to accept it.

Spirits exist or is it lack understanding or Is it a myth??

I always used to ask myself What if spirits are other creatures that we cannot see just like these viruses??

 What if their abilities are to manipulate and play with our fear??

All these questions always sparked the interest in me to know more about it. It is one of those things unless you experience it you won’t believe in it, this is what exactly happened under the pale moonlight of Christmas eve in 2011.

In 2011 I and my friend decided to bunk the Christmas mass and go to the graveyard, we heard a lot of stories about this graveyard since childhood. As the Christmas mass was commenced, we slowly sneaked into the HUGE GATES of the graveyard just like those HUGE GATES OF HEAVEN which they show in movies. It was around 10 PM we were in search of spirits, little did we know we would experience something different.

The only sound we could here is, of the cricketing of the crickets, hooting of the owl and rustling of the dead leaves under pale moonlight of chilling breezy night of winter just like someone was whispering near our ears.

We were sitting on John d silva’s tombstone

 Which read – Birth 1946 

Death 2009

And then subconsciously I started calculating the number of years he lived

I don’t know why I do it when I see a tombstone.

Sometimes I wonder am I the only one who calculates it??

This message was etched on the marble stone “My lovely father wherever you are we miss you with all your heart, I wish you were here”

I could see candles which were half burnt on the tombstone just like those people whose desires were incomplete

Mary had fresh flowers all around her grave she was buried yesterday evening.

Joseph’s grave was filled with weeds and grass, I took a dry leaf and wiped out the dust from the marble stone, he died in 1998, I guess no one even remembers him now.

It was half past 11 pm now.

Suddenly we realized that the mass was over and people were heading back home,

 if they spot us in the graveyard they would raise a complaint to the main priest and we would be screwed

So we started to walk towards the gate, suddenly a lady was passing by on another side of the HUGE GATE

my friend saw her, he was scared thinking that she would spot us, he ran like a cheetah and hid behind Paul’s tombstone leaving behind the rustling sound of the leaves.

I was not much worried about the lady and was walking casually towards the gate which was 50 meters away from me

She heard the rustling sound

She stopped and she gazed towards me, I stopped walking, there was silence for a moment just like the fairy of silence passed by. Then she took two more steps stopped again and gazed at me again, screamed like that little girl in Jurassic park as if she saw a dinosaur, lifted her saree and ran like a little puppy would run to save himself, at that moment I could feel a cool breeze like someone was behind me but I was not sure

For a moment I didn’t understand what happened and after reaching home

 I was just reflecting about it, I was wearing a blazer

Might be she thought that I was a walking spirit or was there someone behind me because my friend was hiding on the other side?

Next day there were rumours that 3 spirits were moving around In the graveyard

One incident has two different stories

One is the truth

Other is a myth, Myth doesn’t have to be false or true, it is in between and it is somebody’s truth

Her truth, she saw something else

My truth, I was all alone when she saw me and she couldn’t see my friend because he was hiding another side

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