The Gambit – You see what you choose to see. (Mystery thriller)

The Gambit – You see what you choose to see. (Mystery thriller)

Chapter 1



An explosion follows the sudden flash of light, in the defiant dark sky. My body jerks, as if my soul moves out of my body and enters again. A tall wine glass almost slips. Drops of red wine slide down the rim kissing my fingers. I place the wine glass on a teakwood coffee table. I flip the pages of the fashion magazine, glancing through bikini models. They look so glamorous, confident, and hot, unlike me. I wish I had a fancy collection like them.

Squeak, the window opens on my left. A whistling gush of wind blows the magazines and newspapers from the coffee table, throughout the living room. I try to catch hold of them as they are floating in the air. The spirits tease me, to fetch it, like how we tease dogs. I pause, stand still, take in a deep calm breath. I move towards the window. It’s pitch dark, windy, and noisy outside. Thunderstorm. Weather reports say this will continue for 4 days. I notice a figure staring at me, behind the tree, across the street. He is not moving a muscle. Staring at me. 

Something within me is shivering. My breath is short, rapid, and deep. I lean closer towards the window, to get a peek of the person standing there. I stare for a few seconds without moving an inch. Flash, lightning strikes in the sky, lighting up my neighbourhood for a brief second. It is my neighbour’s clothes. My mind is playing tricks with me tonight. I close the window. Latch it. Another huge explosion in the sky jerks my soul. The god of thunder is angry tonight. But, I am not happy with it, look at the mess he made in my living room. Papers and magazines scattered everywhere on the floor. It annoys me. As I am cleaning up the mess, done by the god of thunder, the lights of my chandelier in the centre of the living room flicker. My pupils expand and contract to adjust to the changing setup. After a few seconds, all the lights of my living room flicker. I freeze like a rabbit staring at the headlights. Lights turned On, Off, On, Off, On. An Explosion. Lights go out in the neighbourhood. I am Numb. For a brief second, I can’t hear anything, not even my heartbeat. I am blind. Hands shivering. My pupil dilates to adjust to the new setting. I try to recall a mental map of my house, recollect the table drawer’s exact position, to find the candles. I stand up straight, extending my hands forward as if I am reaching out to someone. I take baby steps. Slowly. Gently. Carefully. The darkness has encapsulated my house. The weather outside. . . I am petrified. My wall clock ticks louder than usual on my right. It hangs above the table. I reach out my trembling hands towards the table. Feeling its edges. Gliding my through it. Sizing it up. I catch hold of the knob of a drawer. I pull out the candle, then the matchbox. The matchstick lit with a hiss as it collided with the matchbox. I lit the candle. I feel like my eyes have come back, after a long trip. A sense of relief. I quickly move towards the coffee table, to gulp down my wine. I need it to release my stress caused by rain gods. I made another drink for myself. I sip my wine in one hand and hold the candle in another hand. Behind me the door opens, with a squeak. The wine glass slips from my fingers. Shatters on the floor, leaving behind a shattering sound. Wine spreads like a flowing river on the carpet and then into the floor. The main door was not locked. I am petrified to turn around. My soul is shivering. The pores of my skin open, flooding sweat throughout my body. I turn around. A man in a red raincoat, covered from head to toe, holding something behind his right hand. Lightning flashes in the sky. I see a shiny sharp object reflecting from his right hand.

“YOU”. Thunder explodes in the background. Baby cries. 

A whistling wind blows out the candle.

-To be continued. . .

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