Cotton Candy to Cola gola

Cotton Candy to Cola gola

One Sunday evening I boarded a flight to Mangalore from Bangalore.

As the flight took off I was enjoying the scenic view through the window. I could see all those tall buildings and I wondered things look so different from here. All these humongous buildings are tiny just like buildings made of Lego. While I was pondering about this childish thought a Slurp and Burp right next to me gained my attention. He was in his mid-40’s in a grey T-shirt, spectacles like Tony stark from iron man and a French beard. Reading a fashion magazine and holding a diet coke in his right hand. He was slurping the empty can with the straw creating annoying sound. I named him the “Annoying slurper”. I tried to avoid it for a few seconds but then I was irritated and lost my patience. Turning towards him I said, “Mister your coke is empty, stop sucking the life out of it and everyone around” in a stern voice.

 He looked at me and said “I apologise, I was lost in reading this magazine. However, you could tell the same thing politely”

I didn’t know what to reply to that. I chose to ignore him and looked outside the window.

I could see the sunset at the horizon, spreading its largess into a grateful sky. Rich hues of red blended with oranges, purples, crimsons. The clouds were like floating cotton candies.

My spirit soared at the sight as I was transported into a timeless existence, ready for the protective blanket of night and new dreams.

I was lost in my thoughts but this time a loud cry of a baby shifted my attention. The baby from the front row was facing towards me and crying as if I stole her cotton candy. 

Have you been in this situation before??

Almost all the passengers were irritated. This went on for a few minutes. After a few minutes when I looked outside the window, cotton candies turned into a “Cola gola”.

We were caught up between the dark storm. Suddenly huge turbulence rocked our plane.

“This is pilot speaking kindly fasten your seat belt”

 Announced the pilot in a worried tone.

We realised we were caught up in the wrong storm. The storm rocked our plane once again, everyone was petrified this time. The baby stopped crying but to be honest I didn’t like it. The silence was very loud. The situation was getting tense. All the passengers were frightened. We could hear one person saying “I wish I didn’t board this flight”. Between this intense situation when everyone was frightened for their life the baby was looking at everyone and started giggling and laughing.

This smile lightened everyone’s mood. The plane rocked ones again this time the baby giggled and laughed more loudly. “For this baby it was a jolly ride but for us, it was like a final destination movie scene,” I said to myself with a humph.

The storm rocked our plane once again this time the turbulence was rougher. This time the Annoying slurper sitting next to me started giggling and smiling. I looked at him with a confused mind thinking to myself “Who is this guy? What’s wrong with him? “

 Looking towards me he said “If this is going to be my last trip I want to go with a happy face not frightened “

 Like last time I chose to ignore him again. After a few minutes, the clouds turned cotton candy again. It was a sigh of relief to everyone. I never felt alive like this before. We landed safely. I collected my baggage and booked a taxi to my home. As soon as I reached home the cotton candy clouds turned into “cola gola” again but from down here it looks different and beautiful.

The rain clouds had cast a mystical feel all over the place. I stood there gazing out of the window eagerly waiting for the rain. Slowly, it started to drizzle. I could smell the fragrance of the wet soil and small water droplets falling on the windowpane. Soon it began to rain and I enjoyed the soft pitter-patter of the rain and the beauty of glossy water droplets on the lush green grass. The house overlooked a mountain and I felt as if the mountain was wearing a thick green blanket all over it and enjoying itself getting drenched in the rain. Soon it began to pour heavily, I could see the rainwater falling from the old terracotta roofs of the houses. I still stood there gazing out of the window and sipping my hot cup of tea. With a smile, I said to myself “Uff the annoying slurper and baby won’t disturb me anymore”.

This time my attention was diverted by a phone call. It was from my friend Kenneth.

“Hey, are you free now ??” He asked in a worried voice

“What happened? Is everything fine” I asked him.

“ My granny is admitted in hospital and I need help” he said.

I immediately bottomed-up my cup of tea racing through all other vehicles in a stormy evening I reached outside the emergency ward. His mother was waiting outside. She looked at me and said “Thanks for coming. Might be some weakness granny was fine since morning”. After waiting for 30 minutes Kenneth came out from the emergency ward with red soaked eyes and told his mother “Granny is no more”

“What are you saying?? She was fine How can this happen? Now whom will I call Mother” She said.

It was like thunder striking her soul splitting her apart. She broke down with shock. I stood there still and numb looking at this. I didn’t know what to do.

Life is so much unexpected with different types of turbulence every day, Isn’t it? It can turn from cotton candy to cola gola within few moments.

Next day I and Kenneth went to the hospital reception to complete all the details and to issue the Death certificate.

After paying the fees holding the certificate we went to the mortuary.

As I entered there I was welcomed by a weird smell and silence.

It was my first time inside a mortuary. First time in my life I saw white blanket wrapping the entire body just like how they show in movies. The vibe over there was so different. I couldn’t stand there for a long time. I immediately came outside the mortuary took a deep breath and looked away towards another building which was 3 blocks away.

It had a huge clock and a label inscribed “Maternity building”.

It was ironic situation. I am standing outside the mortuary holding a death certificate and staring at the maternity building. Guess what I could see??

I could see a person who looked like annoying slurper coming out of that building holding a baby.

When the clock struck 12 it struck me as well. I realised life is a journey from getting Birth certificate to Death certificate. Both the times we are not aware of it and we won’t be able to hold these certificates. Every time the clock ticks we get closer and closer towards this certificate. This journey is so funny. The journey from B to D.

And you know what’s in between??

C which stands for choice. 

Both take-off and landing are not in your control but what is in your control is the Choice. Choice on how you respond to turbulences in life.

 Do you choose to be sad and scared about the turbulence and blame the circumstances or giggle and smile and face these challenges?

Do you want to follow our dreams and passion or get stuck with decision paralysis and procrastination?

Do you want to make an impact in other people’s lives or just focus on yours?

Are you a slave of your habits or you want to take control over your life??

The choice is in your hands and don’t forget your heart is like a clock every time it beats you are moving towards your next certificate.

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