Chasing BatMAN

Chasing BatMAN

On a busy sunny afternoon, I was lazing around on the couch watching TV. My phone started ringing. It was a call from an unknown number. Staring at the screen for few I wondered who might be this person?? Hope it’s not the credit card salesperson!!!

Truecaller said “DeliveryMAN”

I received the call and said “Hello”. The person from the other side spoke in a soft voice “I am from a courier service I have to deliver a package. I am outside your house”. With a confused mind, I said “ Okay I will be there. “ 

Walking outside my house I was thinking, what it might be?? I don’t remember ordering anything. With a wide smile, the DeliveryMAN handed over to me a magazine-sized package. It was gift-wrapped with a shiny blue cover. With curious sparkling eyes and heart filled with excitement, I collected it with both the hands just like a kid receiving his favourite toy. Holding the package I sprinted into my room, placed it on my bed and stared at it with curiosity.

Now, there are 2 ways to open a gift.

First way: Carefully opening it without damaging the wrapper with precision just like performing surgery. I call it “The Doctor way”

Second way: Just tearing it apart just like a puppy who tears apart a newspaper leaving a mess behind. I call it the “Scooby-Doo way”.

How do you open your gifts?

Well!!! I am in between. Initially, I try opening it carefully but then I lose patience and cut to the chase. I didn’t figure out a name for this one yet. Leave a comment below and let me know “what would you name it?”.

As I opened the shiny blue gift wrap, the first thing I noticed was a red printed note which read “I have a funny feeling something important just happened, and I missed it. Was it your birthday? I hope it was a good one and that you have a great year to come. Belated happy birthday. -Ramya”

Reading this brought a huge smile on my face. This smile turned into a Duchene smile when I saw the gift. 

Oh……….My………God!!!!! It was my favourite comic collection from the ’90s!!

As I held the comic collection in both my hands my heart was pounding with excitement. Joy and ecstasy were pumping through my blood vessels. After 17 long years, I am holding a comic book and that feeling was amazing. I was lost staring at it. When I opened the “batman comic book” I realised it was not just a comic book it was more of a time machine. I was immediately taken back to my childhood. Pufffffffff!!!!!!!!!


 Those were the times which I would like to revisit every single day.

 Is it the same with you??

Do you remember the games which you used to play in summer vacations?? Just before going to sleep how excited you were to wake up the next day to play and implement all your new strategies??

Parents deadline and eating vegetables were only concerns in life. 

And Final exams??? Well !!! Entering examination hall is like going to war with pen and stationaries. After finishing it…..BOOM!!! 2 months of vacation. Do you remember these cartoons Dexter’s lab, Tom and Jerry, Batman, Superman, Justice League???

Well if you are 80’s and 90’s kid you are probably smiling by now. It was an era of superheroes.

And my favourite superhero was “Batman.”

Who was your favourite superhero??

Well, I have a confession to make, I still watch the new dragon ball heroes with the same enthusiasm. I guess the level of excitement is more than my childhood. Well the kid within me is still alive I guess. What about you?? Is it still alive or lost with practicality and too much of logic?? 

I feel childhood was awesome not because we didn’t have the responsibility, not because we were free, It’s because we chose what we love to do. We tried to do the things what we truly believed in without the fear of failure, without the fear of people’s opinion and someone judging you. When someone tries to impose something we would just ignore them.

 Do you agree with me??

I still remember this incident. One day my teacher entered the classroom. Filled with excitement she said “Kids today we will play a fun game WHO ARE YOU. When I ask WHO ARE YOU, you should tell me your name and what you want to be”. Everyone was excited except me. I was that silent kid sitting in the middle row. The game began. Some of them said they wanted to be “Race car driver” one kid said he wanted to be a “Father” another said he wanted to be a “fisherman”. I was trying to avoid the eye contact with teacher hoping she won’t ask me. But this trick never works…………even today. I stood up with nervousness. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. Facing my head downwards clasping my hands I said: “My name is Roel”. There was this unusual long pause. I didn’t know what to say. Everyone was staring at me. Then I looked straight into teacher’s eyes and said “I want to be…………BATMAN”. Everyone was amused “Wow, Batman! That’s Awesome!” after that, every kid said they wanted to be Superman, Heman, Shakthiman, HanuMAN. To some extent, we all believed it was possible. Wouldn’t it be nice to wear a mask,  fight crime, save people and jump from one building to another??

Well, I am still not sure about jumping from one building to another but fighting crime, yea to some extent it would be fun.

But as we grew up we realise superheroes are not real it was just a childhood fantasy story. Just like how Undertaker and Kane are not Brothers. Oops if you didn’t know that I guess I just destroyed another childhood fantasy story. Hope you are not mad at me.

 As the years went by and noticing all the bad things happening in our society I wished superheroes were really. How nice it would be if they would magically appear and help people in need. Sometimes when my life goes rough I feel I need a superhero. Guess what??? Sometimes wishes do come true. I met one superhero.

A few years back I was going through a very rough week. Things were not going as planned everything was a mess in my life. I was searching for a job in Bangalore. I was clueless about what I wanted to do. Relationships and friendships were falling apart. I was missing home, was feeling lonely. I felt like life was serving me a cocktail of bad emotions just like how our granny’s say “one more bite this is good for health.” I was stressed because of this mess.

The best antidote for me back then was a cup of coffee and yummy food. I needed a break. So I visited a nearby café. As I entered the café I saw a group of friends sitting on a couch and chit-chatting. It reminded me of FRIENDS series. The aroma of freshly seasoned coffee encapsulated this place. In another table, I could see a mischievous kid irritating his mother to open his new toy which they bought. Hope he opens it in a “Doctor way”. He looked like Dexter. Jazz music in the background was lightening up everyone’s mood. I moved ahead to the counter to place an order. Counter attendant’s hair was half up, showing blonde highlights that contrasted the rest of her honey-brown hair, making her emerald eyes pop with a vibrancy closely related to spring grass after a long winter. She had a small birthmark on the left side of her cheek and black tag on her chest. Name: Jessica.

  Jessica asked in a sweet voice “May I please know what would you like to order”

I quickly went through the menu with a frowning and irritated face. 

 I said “I would like to have a Doppio espresso, croissant, Ham and cheese sandwich” in a worried tone.

Jessica exclaimed, “Ham and cheese will take up to 30 minutes”.

I let out a displeased “Humph” and said “ Fine”

She said “It will be 340 rupees”

I moved my hand to the back pocket of my blue jeans to remove my wallet. I couldn’t find my wallet. For a second I was worried. Then I realised I had left it in my room.

I said to myself with dismay “Oh great my day can’t be worse than this”

Luckily I had 240 rupees’ cash in my front left pocket but I had to opt-out Ham and cheese sandwich.

Jessica noticed it and also sensed that I was having a rough day. 

She said “I will give you a complimentary dish for today”

 I asked her “Oh!!!! looks like some offer is going on. At least something good is happening after a week”

With a shrug, Jessica said “No, there are no offers”

With a confused mind, I asked “Then?”

Jessica smiled and said “It’s from my side”

Now I was more confused I asked “Why would you do that?? You don’t even know me?”

Eyes filled with gratitude Jessica said “When I was in this same situation a few days back a stranger had helped me, so I thought even I will do the same”

I was moved by this and I said “Thank you, It’s kind of you. I will repay you the money today evening”

She said “It’s not necessary, give it to someone In need “ and handed over the bill with a smile.

Holding the bill in both hands, I turned around walked slowly with a smile towards a round table. I stopped, turned back looked at her with gratitude and said: “Thank you, Jessica.”

She gave a broad smile and I could see genuine happiness in her eyes.

I seated near a round table right next to that mischievous kid’s table. Holding the bill I was lost in my thoughts. The jazz music, people chit-chatting in the background just muted for a while. I was feeling good. All that worry and stress just disappeared like magic. It just made my day. As I was contemplating all this a toy in the kid’s hand stole my attention and shook me to reality. The kid was holding a “Batman action figure”.

 This simple act of kindness from Jessica made my day, in fact, it made my week. I realised you don’t have to wear a cape and a mask to make a difference. You don’t have to be in a reputed position or achieve something great like Ratan TATA or Ambani to impact someone’s life but a simple act of kindness can help someone give them hope and make their day. That day Jessica was a superhero for me.

Do you also want to be a superhero??

Then, if you find someone without a smile, give them yours.

If you see someone in pain just listen to them.

If you find a homeless person give him something good to eat.

You don’t have to wear a mask and jump from one building to another. You just need to show a simple act of kindness. You will be a superhero for them.

And now when someone asks me “what you want to be?”

I look straight into their eyes and say “I want to be Batman.”

I want to help people with a simple act of kindness and make a difference.

I want to own a huge mansion as he has. Yea I also want to own a fancy car someday just like batman.

Which superhero you want to be??

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