Public speaking secrets: Body Language the Language of great speakers

Public speaking secrets: Body Language the Language of great speakers

Before you speak a word, your audience has already formed an opinion about you. I know it sounds very judgemental but it all happens in our subconscious mind and it’s very difficult to have control over it. Here you will discover body language secrets to grab the audience attention.

Your body communicates as well as your mouth. Don’t contradict yourself

Allen Rudock

How many times have you experienced this, after listening to a speaker your mind says “Whatever he spoke was good but I don’t know something isn’t right here.”

Having positive body language is one of the key factors in presentations or in your speech.

How you feel from within can make a massive difference in your body language.

Watch this video below for a better understanding

Here are the few basic tips or hacks which you can use to portray confidence and leave a positive impact on others.

Tips to enhance body language

1) Appearance

Dress well. I know this may sound very basic but sometimes it’s important to stick to basics. We will have to use all the possible tools to enhance our confidence. There are a few dresses which make you confident, comfortable and enthusiastic. Dressing well does 2 specific things

It increases your self-confidence or self-esteem

It shows you respect your audience and you are prepared

2) Eye contact

I know having eye contact can be scary sometimes. When we first walk to the stage and when you look at the audience it’s like 2 worlds are colliding with each other, it builds up nervousness and in turn, build up adrenalin rush. But having eye contact with the audience is like having a mystical spell around the audience. If you break it, you will lose the audience.

Here are tips for having a good eye contact

  1. If you get nervous or overwhelmed when you look into someone’s eyes just look at their forehead. Audience point of view they feel you are looking at them. I used to use this trick when I was new to public speaking. Back then the moment I look into someone’s eyes I would forget the script, then one of my mentors told me this hack. NOTE: This trick doesn’t work on dates
  2. Follow a “Z” or “N” pattern for a huge audience. This is one of the secrets of body language.

Once in a while in your presentation glance through the audience in this pattern, it creates an illusion to the audience you are looking at them

3) Open body language

What is open body language?

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi is like my guru. He is one of the reasons I started public speaking. You should watch his world championship speech

4) Facial Expression:

Your expressions should change along with the script or what you say.

For example: If you are speaking about something sad make sure it’s reflected in your body language and voice. When you are excited about something make sure you show that enthusiasm through your body


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  • 5) Prompting gestures:

    Prompting gestures are something like Raise your hands, Look towards the person next to you etc etc

    This technique is useful to bring your audience back to life or keep them engaged.

    Example: Raise your hands “If you remember your childhood days”

    6) Hologram

    A hologram is an advanced technique that also includes stagecraft. I will write in detail about it in the following week. Basically, the hologram is diving the stage into 3 parts. Suppose if you have 3 points deliver each point in different segments of the stage

    Hope this article about body language secrets has added value to your time. If you have any queries or you want to add something please do leave a comment or get in touch with me.

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